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Bring your old data: We'll help you port your old candidate and job data, free of charge. Nurture: Our Linkedin extension reminds you to stay in touch with prospects, and allows you to add tags and draft messages to be sent later. ATS: Our applicant tracking system integrates with Gmail and Superhuman: manage candidate profiles, notes, and submissions like a king.


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Sourcing LinkedIn extension

Many initial conversations with prospects happen on LinkedIn but get lost in the mix. Our extensions allows you to tag, snooze and draft messages now that you can send later.

A sourcing process that just works
  • 1 Set reminders to follow-up 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months later (configurable).
  • 2 Tag prospects for easier filtering and recall.
  • 3 Draft messages for quick followup, even months later.
  • 4 Use private notes to remember the context of each conversation.
  • 5 View tracked candidates, edit message, notes or tags.

An applicant tracking system built by recruiters
for recruiters

We used latest web technologies to make most interactions under 100ms.

A recruitment process that just works
  • Best in class CV-parsing: Minimize data entry, have more time to speak to people
  • Innovative candidate note taking: Bundle notes into a PDF, send to clients in two clicks
  • Follow-up like a boss: Never forget to follow up if anyone (client or candidate) doesn't respond
  • Unique long-term reminder system: Nurture relationships over years, build a reputation.

What we can do for you

Minimize data entry and maximize work speed
  • We use the fastest resume parsing on the market: Drag-and-drop a resume and use the parsed data instantly.
  • Keyboard-based navigation: Use keyboard hotkeys you know from other tools such as Superhuman.
  • Put all relevant data about a candidate in one spot and track forever.
  • We built our UI with staffing agencies in mind: Minimize data entry when submitting candidates to the client's ATS systems.
Unique candidate presentation to clients
  • Track internal and external candidate notes; Impress the client with a beautiful, informative PDF merged at the top of your submission.
  • Give candidates the chance to record audio about themselves so they impress the clients for you.
  • Impress your clients: Make each submission tailored to the job advert.
  • Get notified when clients look at your candidates; follow up adequately.
Try, the fast & simple ATS:

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Our other tools & services

Generate personal, visual job adverts that convert.

Tailored recruitment cold e-mail content.


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