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How to start and run a recruitment agency — part 1

When I told my parents that I want to leave my cushioned, well-paid, relaxed software engineering job, my dad thought that I am crazy.

By Iwan Gulenko

How To Bond With Tech Candidates

Recruiters who want to build rapport with programmers: Acquire basic tech knowledge and give career tips: how to make a readable resume, ask for a raise or negotiate an offer.

By Iwan Gulenko

How to be less depressed as a recruiter: Treat work more like a craft

Recruiters are rarely proud of what they do. Most do it solely because the money can be great. It is no surprise that depression among recruiters is common, and the high level seems to be unique to our profession

By Iwan Gulenko

Recruitment agencies: What is your added value?

What is the biggest added value of agency recruiters? It’s de-risking candidates on behalf of the clients.

By Iwan Gulenko
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